Afiya Spa welcomes new seaweed treatments in Istanbul

The Afiya Spa at the AJWA Hotel Sultanahmet has launched a new spa menu.

Taking inspiration from traditional rituals and natural ingredients, new treatments with seaweed are the highlight.

Seaweed has several unique beneficial compounds which mean that it actively absorbs vitamins and minerals from the sea water.

It is therefore the perfect solution for replenishing the body’s minerals, protecting skin against free radicals, detoxifying the body and renewing damaged skin cells.

The Afiya spa is embracing one of nature’s oldest beauty trends by incorporating seaweed into its treatments. 

The Deep Cleansing Facial has been created for those who love the beneficial qualities of the sea.

The ingredients used during the facial include, seaweed, marine plants and desalinated ocean water which come together to create a unique facial.

Combined with a steaming and firming process, the seaweed improves the suppleness and the elasticity of the skin.

The process increases the moisture in the skin and acts as an anti-ageing treatment.

The ritual is completed with a series of serums and cream tailored to the skin type.

From face to body, seaweed can be used throughout the beautification process and is ideal for the skin as the mineral content of some seaweeds is as high as 80 per cent.

Focusing on seaweed’s fat burning qualities, the full body slimming treatment incorporates a full body seaweed peel followed by activating gel containing seaweed extract, which is then gently massaged into the body.

An artisanal gem, the five-star AJWA Hotel Sultanahmet blends the finest elements of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture with the utmost conformity to the highest international standards of comfort and hospitality.

The property’s prime location, within the fabled Old City of Istanbul, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, means it is only a short distance away from all the major mosques, museums and bazaars.

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