Cruise crew face luggage ‘nightmare’ on Virgin Voyages

The Cruise: Passengers are reunited with their lost luggage

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Channel 5 joined Valiant Lady as the Virgin Voyages ship prepared to set off on a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona. But it wasn’t plain sailing for the ship’s many crew members.

Sailor services manager, Dane, had to deal with several unfortunate issues on embarkation day.

The bubbly crew member from Chelmsford had to send out some complementary champagne after some customers were sent to the wrong room.

He said: “An upgrade and a bottle of bubbles for the inconvenience. We hate anyone embarking and having that experience.”

But Dane’s troubles weren’t over yet as the sailor services manager also had to help some passengers deal with their lost luggage.

He told the passengers: “So we do give like a 48-hour window. We say to them, we’ve got two days where we are, and try to deliver the luggage there.

“We are at the mercy of the airlines, we will try with our courier companies to get it through to you as quickly as possible.”

The disappointed passengers were left with a few bags of cruise merchandise instead of their carefully packed luggage.

Dane said: “We’ve got these lovely little hampers to keep you going for a bit. A nightmare, you go on a seven-day voyage round the Med and it’s all stuck in a pile in Antwerp or somewhere stupid.”

Elsewhere, British couple Karen and Lee were onboard the ship to celebrate Lee’s 50th birthday.

They said: “This is our second time on Valiant, in the same room. Our friends opened up a cruise travel agency and they encouraged us to be their first customers. Since then, we just keep going.”

Sadly, the couple’s closest friends had had their flights cancelled and were unable to make the special trip.

However, with Dane’s help, Karen was able to organise a special karaoke celebration for Lee.

Virgin Voyages VIP guests are known as rockstars and get their very own rockstar agent to cater to their every need.

The cruise joined rockstar agent, Natalia, as she helped some rockstar guests prepare for a birthday.

Natalia, said: “In five minutes I can take a shower, I can wear my uniform, I can do my makeup and be at work on time. Five minutes, it’s possible.”

Natalia’s VIP guests had asked her to help decorate her cabin to celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday.

However, things started going wrong when Natalia entered the cabin and was unable to find the decorations.

It turned out that she was in the wrong room, leaving her just a short window of time to get the decorations up in the correct cabin.

She said: “Sometimes it is like a bit of a rush and running around. Right now, he’s in the hot tub and she’s trying to keep him there.

“Every day is different. Some days I think it’s going to be a quiet day then it turns into a very busy day.”

The Cruise: Welcome Abroad! airs on Channel 5 on Sundays at 9pm.

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