Cruise guests ‘amazed’ by how ‘inconsiderate’ passengers can be – ‘hogs!’

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A cruise with thousands of passengers is always going to have a few bad eggs. But there’s one thing that really irritates other guests.

Reddit user ‘mrtrumbo’ asked cruise guests: “I am an early riser and was always amazed at the inconsiderate people in the main pool sections who would ‘save’ chairs at the pool and not return for hours.

“But since it’s all about them, they couldn’t care less about anyone else on the ship.

“Has anyone ever experienced a ship that strictly enforced a pool chair policy, or if you are gone for more than a hour they simply pick up your belongings and put them in storage till you return?”

Unfortunately, chair ‘hogs’ seemed to be a very common occurrence on cruise holidays as many guests shared their own experiences.

One said: “I prefer seats in the shade, which always seem to be held via towels.

“Once I moved someone’s towel from a chair after watching it from a sunny chair for over an hour.

“The people next to me got mad and said their relative was sitting there. I told them ‘that’s fine, I’ll move when they get back’. When I left four hours later, their relative was still yet to return.”

Another said: “If I don’t see anyone at a chair for an hour, I ask a crew member to remove the towel, and then take a seat.

“I have done it myself so that others can join us. Just take the towel to a towel station and throw it in. Let the towel hog worry about it.

“I’ve only ever had one person show up and apparently melt down about it to other people in their group, but some distance away from myself.

“I was asleep and apparently missed the drama but my chair neighbour, who confirmed the chair had been empty for several hours, had a good laugh about it.”

One guest said they had found that crew members were reluctant to deal with chair hogs.

They said: “On my last cruise, there weren’t any open chairs. I asked the staff if they would remove some towels and they said that would upset the people when they came back.”

Another said that guests needed to fight back against people who saved chairs they didn’t need.

They said: “Next time, just take it off the chair and throw it in a corner or on a table somewhere.

“If more people do this, chair hogs will finally stop. Right now there is zero motivation to not do this.”

One of the cruise veterans was nostalgic for the days when a crew member managed all the chairs on deck.

They said: “The crewmember gathered chair cushions and towels and helped you pick out the chairs you wanted.

“No one did this unless they were ready right then to sit in the chair. You would tip the crew member and take that chair for the rest of the day.

“Much more civilised but during a period when passenger capacity was around 1,000.”

However, not everyone was convinced, with one guest saying: “To be honest, that sounds awful.”

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