Cruise holidays: Always consider this when booking cruise or risk ruining your trip

Cruise holidays, like any type of vacation, require careful planning. The good news is that everyone has plenty of time to give holidays plenty of consideration right now. One vital topic to think about when booking a cruise is your accommodation.


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Cruise passengers stay in cabins – but these can vary greatly in size, quality and price.

Picking the wrong ship cabin could end up ruining your holiday, which is far from desirable.

Lola Hood, in-house cruise expert at travel search platform HolidayPirates, has provided her top hacks to booking the best cruise.

She explained that it’s key to think about where you want your cabin to be on the ship.

Not only will this affect the cost of your holiday but it could also impact your enjoyment of the voyage.

“The main thing to consider when booking a cruise is if you want an inside or outside cabin, a balcony cabin, or a suite, as this will greatly influence the overall cost of your trip,” said Hood.

“Inside cabins will typically be cheapest – this is because they are the smallest rooms and without windows.”’

These rooms can be good for holidaymakers who intend to spend very little time in their cabin so the lack of view won’t be a problem.

Inside cabins can also be good for those who like complete darkness while sleeping.

As for outside cabins, they can vary in price depending on the view.

“These will be bigger, have windows and at times, a balcony,” Hood explained.

“Those with a window, but an obscured view (often obscured by a lifeboat), will typically cost a little less.”


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For those with the money to spend or enjoying a big celebration – a suite could be the accommodation of choice.

“A suite is naturally the most expensive option and will often have more than one room and a variety of amenities and benefits,” said the cruise expert.

“Sometimes the perks associated with booking a suite will include access to an exclusive lounge or a personal butler, meaning you avoid queues at the bar, and are granted more space and privacy.”

Cruise passengers also need to think carefully about the location of their cabin.

It’s key to consider what you want to be near – or far from – and how well you cope at sea.

“The lower deck is best if you suffer from seasickness and the middle of the ship is often the quietest area,” advised Hood.

“Additionally, cruise ships can be very large, so I’d always advise that you request a map of the ship and book a cabin that is close to the amenities you’re most interested in using.

“If you’re keen to be near a specific restaurant, or the pool, book a cabin on the same side of the ship.”

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