Cruise Line Officials Introduce Enhanced Screening Measures

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has announced enhanced screening measures in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

As part of the new screening measures, which take effect immediately, CLIA members are expected to deny boarding to all passengers who visited South Korea, Iran, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Italian cities subject to quarantine measures within 14 days before embarkation.

CLIA also requires cruise lines to conduct illness screening for all travelers who visited any destinations listed on the U.S. CDC “Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information for Travel” page within 14 days before embarkation.

In addition, the new measures require that all customers who had contact with anyone suspected or diagnosed with coronavirus must be denied boarding. The cruise lines must also conduct pre-boarding screening necessary to effectuate these prevention measures.

“The adoption of these measures further demonstrates the cruise industry’s unique ability to respond quickly as circumstances evolve,” CLIA President and CEO Kelly Craighead said in a statement. “We remain in close contact with local governments around the world, and while we regret that these changes will result in the denial of boarding for some of our guests, travelers should know that their health and safety is the absolute priority for the industry.”

CLIA and its members are working with medical experts and regulators around the world to monitor for new developments related to the coronavirus outbreak and modify policies as necessary.

While CLIA has added strict measures to avoid the spread of the viral infection, the group does not believe restrictions on the movement of ships are justified at this time.

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