Cruise Ship Issues Health Advisory to Passengers

Princess Cruises issued a “Health Advisory Letter” to passengers currently sailing or who recently sailed on the Grand Princess ship as health officials are investigating coronavirus cases from a previous voyage.

According to the cruise line’s official website, Princess’ chief medical officer Dr. Grant Tarling said the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was investigating a cluster of coronavirus cases in Northern California connected to a previous Grand Princess sailing from San Francisco between February 11-21.

Passengers currently sailing on the Grand Princess are being asked to remain in their staterooms and anyone who believes they may be experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus should contact health officials onboard.

Travelers who sailed on the previous voyage should also stay in their homes until they’re contacted by medical staff from the CDC.

We’re following the CDC guidance as they determine what, if any, actions are needed during the current cruise and upon the ship’s return to San Francisco.

In an abundance of caution, we’re cancelling the ship’s call to Ensenada to allow the ship’s early arrival in San Francisco early. To assist guests and crew in communicating with loved ones, we’re providing free internet and phone service. Updates here:

As a result of the investigation, the cruise ship canceled the rest of its stops and returned to San Francisco on Wednesday night, but was not allowed to enter the port, according to

California Governor Gavin Newsom revealed he delayed the Grand Princess’ arrival to give federal officials more time to prepare and allow the CDC to fly testing kits to the cruise ship.

The decision comes after authorities in Placer County, California, reported the state’s first death from coronavirus, which officials believe the victim contracted during the previous Grand Princess voyage.

Princess has been dealing with coronavirus for weeks, as the Diamond Princess cruise was finally allowed to disembark its passengers last month after a lengthy quarantine. A reported 705 people contracting the viral infection, with at least 150 of the 1,045 crew members infected.

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