Is this the future of restaurants?

An Amsterdam art centre is to serve diners in small greenhouses so that people can go out to eat again despite social distancing rules brought in due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mediamatic centre is currently testing out the new way of eating as it waits for Dutch authorities to reopen restaurants that have been shut since March 16 because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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A waitress wearing a protective face shield serves people having dinner in a so-called quarantine greenhouses in Amsterdam. Picture: Robin van Lonkhuijsen/ANP/AFPSource:AFP

The Mediamatic restaurant allows diners to sit in small glasshouses. Picture: AP Photo/Peter DejongSource:AP

“Corona now forces us to rethink how we can do hospitality,” the centre’s director Willem Velthoven told AFP.

“We used to have already these little greenhouses here for art projects. We thought ‘ok, let’s try what happens if we sit in these small places, does it feel good and can we serve in a safe way’ and it goes quite well actually.”

It’s a trial of a setup that respects social distancing rules by the Dutch government to combat the spread of COVID-19. Picture: Robin van Lonkhuijsen/ANP/AFPSource:AP

The volunteers are in small glasshouses during the trial on Tuesday. Picture: AP Photo/Peter DejongSource:AP

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Sitting next to a canal, the five small glass houses each have a little round table and two chairs — perfect for people who may want to go out once eating establishments reopen but don’t feel comfortable going back immediately to crowded restaurants.

The glasshouses dining areas set up on the Amsterdam waterfront. Picture: AP Photo/Peter DejongSource:AP

It could be the future of restaurant dining after coronavirus. Picture: AP/Peter DejongSource:AP

“Being together in large groups will probably be out of fashion for a while but still coming in a social situation and really enjoying things together is something that we long for even more,” Mr Velthoven said.

Picture: Robin van Lonkhuijsen/ANP/AFPSource:AFP

Waiters hand in the food from outside the greenhouse and wear protective gear in front of their faces to guard against any “accidental exchanges” with customers, he added.

“The greenhouses are so small that actually the serving staff wouldn’t even fit inside.”

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