Possible Federal Relief Package Could Help Hotels

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) spoke to the hospitality industry on a call hosted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

During the call, the Speaker expressed optimism in regards to a deal for federal relief that would help hotels and the travel industry as a whole and also said that she was hoping a package would be complete in 10 days, according to an article in Business Travel News.

She addressed several issues including the travel tax credit and expanded meal and entertainment expenses.

“The travel tax credit: I don’t know that that would be a part of this kind of a bill, but it is something we should be considering,” Pelosi said of AHLA’s proposed tax credit to incentivize U.S. travel.

Regarding the expanded meal and entertainment expense deductions, which the AHLA would like to have to spur business travel, Pelosi had doubts.

“Because we’re saying we’re OK with that, but then why won’t you have more money for food stamps? We can’t say we’ll have a meal deduction when we have starving kids in America, and we’re not doing that,” Pelosi said. “That’s all within the conversation. It’s not making a judgment about any one thing, but recognizing you can’t do one without the other.”

Pelosi also hopes Americans will begin to spend on travel again. The Speaker stressed the need for people “to decide in a discretionary way to spend.”

“A lot of people are concerned about saving money. That’s wonderful, but right now we need them to spend,” she said.

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