‘Saved me’ Cruise guests share packing essential for holidays

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Packing for a cruise holiday can be tricky for a first time guest. Passengers have shared their luggage essentials for a cruise.

One guest wrote on Reddit: “A nightlight that you can put in the bathroom. It’s incredibly dark at night, especially if you have an interior cabin.

“Having a little light in the bathroom is great so you don’t have to turn the light on and wake everyone else up in the room.

“I personally have one that is battery powered, magnetic, and has a motion sensor.”

Interior cabins are usually very dark as there is no natural light. A nightlight could help guide passengers to the bathroom.

Another guest said: “I have a nightlight in my bathroom at home too because I’m horrible at walking around in the dark.

“Then you throw in an unfamiliar environment, a rocking boat, and a few adult beverages…the nightlight has probably saved me more times than I can count.”

A nightlight is easy to pack as it is usually very small but passengers will need to make sure they have an adapter as well if needed.

Passengers could also bring a battery operated tealight or candle to put in the bathroom as an alternative.

Real candles aren’t usually allowed on cruise ships due to the fire risks so can’t be used for atmosphere.

Another guest warned: “Have a pen in your pocket for when you turn up at the terminal. There are often forms to fill out while waiting in line.”

When passengers get to the cruise terminal they may need to fill out several documents before boarding.

This isn’t always the case as many cruise lines are switching to online systems or apps instead.

The next packing essential could come in very handy for any passengers visiting beach destinations.

The guest said: “Baby powder. It removes sand that is stuck to you by just wiping the powder across it.

“Put baby powder in a thin sock or pantyhose and pat it on you. Also good for thigh chafing.”

People will often end up carrying sand around with them after a long day at the beach and baby powder can easily get rid of it.

A guest added: “Tiny sewing kit. I usually bring ones I’ve snagged from hotels over the years but as long as there’s a few thread colours, a safety pin, a needle and a spare button, it’ll likely do.

“Used it several times, never needed more than that. Small, rounded-edge scissors are a good idea too.

“I bring foldable ones. Avoid sharp scissors as they may be confiscated. In a pinch, nail clippers will cut thread just fine, though.”

A mini sewing kit will help guests deal with any minor wardrobe mishaps without having to buy new things.

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