The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau Launches ‘PTGo’ Contest

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau has recently commissioned an online survey which discovered that, of more than 2,000 American adults, 27 percent admitted to not using all of their paid vacation time offered by their jobs.

In addition, the U.S. Travel Association found that more than 768 million vacation days went unused and 236 million days were forfeited last year. This amounts to $65.5 billion in lost benefits.

There are numerous reasons people cite as to why they do not take advantage of their paid vacation time, from feelings of guilt to an overwhelming amount of work to complete. In order to remedy this pattern, the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau is launching “PTGo,” an online contest to inspire workers to use and enjoy their time off guilt-free.

“If someone you love isn’t taking all their PTO—and our survey found that more than half of Americans know someone who doesn’t take all their paid vacation time—you can nominate them for a free, all-expense-paid trip to Happy Valley, because there’s no better place to recharge than Happy Valley,” said Fritz Smith, President and CEO of the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau.

From now until March 15, participants can enter to win an all-expense paid trip to Happy Valley, the idyllic Centre County, Pennsylvania destination that is routinely ranked as one of the best counties for families. Winners will be selected by a celebrity judge, travel expert and host of The Jet Set Bobby Laurie. Laurie co-hosts Frequent Traveler on CNN Airport Network and regularly appears as a travel contributor on TODAY, Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, iHeartRadio and more.

“I know that sometimes you just need that push from a friend to take the time away from work, that’s why I’m so happy to be tapped by the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau as a judge for the PTGo contest,” said Bobby Laurie. “If you’ve been waiting for that nudge or know someone who needs it—this is a perfect opportunity to make it happen and plan a visit to Happy Valley.”

Participants looking to enter the PTGo Contest can submit nominations with photos and videos online at Participants can also enter via Twitter or Instagram, by posting a photo or video explaining why they deserve to win and tag @HappyValleyAdv and the campaign hashtag #PTGoContest.

To learn more about the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau’s PTGo Contest, please visit

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