The Rise of Independent Rail Travel

Any successful travel advisor knows that staying ahead of today’s trends is as much part of the trade as the act of selling travel to consumers.

In 2020 and beyond, travelers will seek out authentic experiences and different ways to see the world. And right now, one of the most popular trends in the industry happens to be independent travel, especially by train.

Train travel is perfect for independent travelers who want to experience a sense of freedom while discovering new destinations, without the restrictions that come with a guided or escorted tour. Traveling by rail is so much more than simply a mode of transportation—it’s part of the vacation experience and a timely and profitable niche.

As independent rail vacations continue to gain popularity, Railbookers and Amtrak Vacations offer travel advisors an incredible opportunity to make train travel part of their tool kit. In tandem, both brands are proud to present travelers with more than 3,000 unique products in more than 690 cities across 51 countries.

From long weekend getaways to visiting treasured U.S. national parks or complex, multi-country train journeys, travel advisors can make rail travel whatever their clients want it to be—a customizable and enhanced experience even before they climb on board the train.

While many Americans choose to embrace the added comfort of being able to explore on their terms without venturing too far from home, they also tend to gravitate toward less visited places with an emphasis on enjoying the local history, culture, cuisine and architecture.

Alongside the tried-and-true, Railbookers and Amtrak Vacations showcase portfolios that include emerging cities, countries and experiences worldwide. You probably already have clients who would prefer choosing the longer route to take advantage of unique, in-depth destination experiences.

They are most likely just not aware of the option of traveling by train or how easy it is. Not to mention, taking a flight from destination to destination is rarely a pleasant experience. Wouldn’t you like to become a rail insider and provide that much needed added value by making suggestions that your clients might not have thought about originally?

Tight booking windows. Complicated itineraries and scheduling. Several rail companies. Booking rail travel in North America, Europe and beyond can be extremely time-consuming, especially when travel advisors try to accomplish it alone.

Railbookers and Amtrak Vacations are the perfect partners to team up with if you’re seeking a seamless booking experience. Their Rail Experts and Rail Vacation Specialists have the know-how to provide travel advisors with 24-month advance booking, short hold times, advice on specific connections, instant quotes and the ability to customize any itinerary. They take the mystery out of rail travel.

By outlining all that rail travel encompasses, as a travel advisor, you can give your clients new, exciting travel experiences that tie into current industry trends. You’ll also reap the benefits of getting on board a growing market segment.

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