Trafalgar Releases Annual Presale Trips

WHY IT RATES: Research shows that travelers are booking earlier these days, and they can benefit from planning ahead with 2020 pricing on next year’s itineraries with Trafalgar’s presale. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer

In response to recent early booking trends, Trafalgar is releasing 2021 presale trips at 2020 prices. Those looking to get ahead of the calendar can receive this year’s rates plus an additional 10 percent off their 2021 trip.

“Mirroring search trends, an unprecedented number of customers have been asking us to bring our packages out earlier,” said president, Melissa DaSilva. “We’re excited to offer our experiences earlier than ever before to meet the needs of our guests and advisor partners.”

Travelers who book now will save hundreds on over 300 Trafalgar exclusive experiences including expert-led lessons in the art of wielding a gladiator’s sword in Rome, breath-taking views of ancient Dubrovnik aboard a private sunset cruise along the Dalmatian coast, encounters with Croatia’s unique flora and fauna aboard a barge ride through the last remaining wetland deltas in Europe, lavish nights of rest in Ireland’s mightiest castles and more.

“As the category leader, we recognize that every traveler is looking for something different and has different booking patterns and we’re proud to be able to offer the best way for our guests to connect to the destinations we go, now being able to also meet the needs of those looking ahead to next year too,” DaSilva concluded.

Trafalgar unlocks the easiest and most enriching ways to explore every corner of the globe. The company’s founding principles are rooted in connecting people, places and cultures around the world; curating experiences that allow travelers to see life from another perspective, broadening horizons and borders, and doing it all responsibly.

SOURCE: Trafalgar press release.

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