Church House Westminster launches new range of alcohol-free drinks ·

Church House Westminster launches new range of alcohol-free drinks

The Westminster venue’s 2020 wine and drinks list include an extended range of alcohol-free alternatives alongside its range of fine wines, Champagnes, beers, ciders and spirits. The new additions are in response to the growing number of guests who, for whatever reason, choose not to drink.

The new wine list features two red and two white alcohol-free wines, as well as an alcohol-free sparkling wine, whilst the bar tariff offers an alcohol-free beer, cider and two gins. The alcohol-free wines sourced from Germany and Spain are made with grapes selected by winemakers for their ability to maintain the true taste of the grape variety after the alcohol has been removed. Advanced techniques are used to ensure that as much of the original character and flavours of the wine are kept intact.

The additions to the list are not intended to deter guests from partaking in an alcoholic drink, but simply to offer a more like-for-like substitute. For many years the alternatives to alcohol have been very limited, and, to be honest – boring. More recently there have been some more creative solutions offered, however, these still tend to be very sweet and unsuitable for drinking with food.

Church House has also witnessed a decline in alcohol consumption from younger guests in recent years. According to an article earlier this month from the Financial Times, only 48% of males aged 16 to 24 now drink at least once a week, down 16% since 2005, according to the Office for National Statistics. In almost a similar movement as ‘Meat Free Mondays’, mindful moderate drinking is increasingly being practised to boost wellness and make drinking a positive indulgence.

Commenting on the new additions to the list, Robin Parker, General Manager of Church House Westminster, said, “None of us think twice about catering for every dietary requirement that is thrown at us, but have we really catered for the growing number of people who don’t drink? Whether it be for medical, religious, dry January, driving or simply not fancying a drink, more and more people are choosing to either not drink at all or limit the days that they consume alcohol. With alternatives widely available in supermarkets and most pubs, why not at events?”.

Take a look at Church House’s new 2020 wine list –

Church House Westminster – Overview

Church House Westminster is situated in the heart of Westminster and is one of London’s most versatile conference and event venues, accommodating between 2 and 664 guests. The 19 flexible meeting spaces are supported by a team who are recognised for their commitment to service excellence throughout all areas of events.
The meeting and event spaces are equipped with the latest technology, supported by the venue’s own in-house, award-winning Audio Visual team, who won ‘Most Innovate & Tech-Friendly Venue’ at the 2019 Event Technology Awards.

The largest meeting space is the Assembly Hall – capable of holding up to 664 delegates, it is one of Westminster’s most unusual event spaces ideal for a wide range of events including conferences, meetings, awards ceremonies, product launches, graduations, receptions and dinners. Alternatively, the Bishop Partridge Hall, which can accommodate up to 150 guests, boasts exquisite views of Westminster Abbey and Dean’s Yard from its large balcony area. The Convocation Hall and Hoare Memorial Hall are also popular event spaces that are steeped in history, having played host to the House of Commons and the House of Lords during WWII. In contrast, the Harvey Goodwin suite is a modern and spacious room which is ideal for both daytime and evening events. Church House also has a wide variety of smaller rooms, for small business meetings, interviews or private lunches and dinners.

Church House Westminster was founded in 1887 and built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. In the early part of WWII, it was bombed, however, due to the exceptional design, there was minimal damage which greatly impressed Winston Churchill, who had it reconstructed for use by the two houses of Parliament. Many famous speeches took place here, including several by Winston Churchill himself.

Client sectors that regularly use Church House Westminster include legal, pharmaceutical, banking, governmental, charities, and associations.

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