Luxury Tourism Continuing to Grow in Cancun

Luxury tourism continues to grow in Cancun as the region invests in hotels, commercial, marine and residential areas to accommodate the high-income travelers.

According to, Benito Juarez municipal director of tourism Francisco Lopez Reyes said that around 30 percent of all investments in the region are focused on high-spending tourists, which help generate the most revenue in these markets.

In Cancun, the luxury tourism market is supported by tourists from North America with high purchasing power, followed by English and other European travelers, Latin American tourism and domestic visits.

“(The difference in spending between a conventional tourist and one with high purchasing power) could be double or triple,” Lopez Reyes told “Simply the average expenditure that is between $900 and $1,000 per tourist, per stay, if we go to a European tourist the amount of days is doubled, the amount of spill is doubled and if we go to high purchasing power even if it is the same period of stay, the expense is double or triple.”

Lopez Reyes revealed that Cancun supports five primary forms of tourism, including tropical vacations, conventions, weddings, sports and medical. He said at least half of the sporting events focus on luxury tourism.

The comments come after indicated Fonatur (Mexico’s National Tourism Promotion Fund) and the Mexican government are engaging in discussions about limiting hotel growth in Cancun.

In addition, government officials announced a massive anniversary party for Cancun as it celebrates 50 years since development in the region began.

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