Travelport names Amazon as preferred cloud partner

Travelport has entered into a long-term collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) under which Travelport will migrate its platform, Travelport+, to AWS.

The partnership will also seek to optimize Travelport+, said the travel tech company. It will use AWS technology to better scale its capacity for processing, as well as speed up content delivery. AWS’s machine learning capabilities and advanced analytics will also help Travelport improve its personalization capabilities.

Additionally, Travelport’s collaboration with AWS will create a new accelerator program to help Travelport benefit from the technology startup community.

“The travel industry has struggled to keep up with the pace of change in digital retail,” Travelport CEO Greg Webb said in a statement. “This landmark collaboration is specifically designed to address just that. AWS’s retail heritage makes them uniquely qualified to optimize digital retail platforms, simplify complex environments, and enable game-changing innovation in the travel retailing space. With AWS as our preferred cloud partner, we are going to create a simpler, smarter, and better future for travel retailing.”

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