Explore America Through GoUSA TV’s Spring Lineup

GoUSA TV has unveiled its spring lineup that will allow people to travel through the U.S. from the comfort of their own homes while they self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. The new content includes three original shows—’Trails & Trailblazers,’ ‘California Pop’ and ‘Lucky in Love’—as well as a licensed series ‘Atlas Obscura’ and a curated U.S. selection of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ series.

Currently streaming are the series ‘Trails & Trailblazers’ and ‘No Reservations.’ ‘Trails & Trailblazers’ is a docuseries following pilot Ariel Tweto as she explores new and unexpected places across the U.S, from uncharted Alaskan territories to the Appalachian Trail in Florida. ‘No Reservations,’ meanwhile, is the much-beloved series following the late Anthony Bourdain as he visits culinary hot spots and obscure food stands around the world in an effort to find the ultimate dining experience.

‘Atlas Obscura’ will be available for streaming on April 16, 2020. The short-form video series takes viewers to 15 of America’s most unusual destinations, including O’ahu’s majestic Koko Crater Trail, the surfing culture of Alaska’s bore tide and a ghost town in Virginia City, Nevada.

‘California Pop’ will be available for streaming on April 23, 2020. The original five-episode docuseries welcomes audiences on a road trip through California, visiting the state’s lesser-known pop-culture landmarks with hosts Anthony and Shikira. Viewers will follow the pair as they explore Gold Country, the Central Valley and the California coastline as they meet creators, purveyors and stewards of pop culture.

‘Lucky In Love’ will be available for streaming on April 30, 2020. The three-part series sends three couples from different areas around the world on an American adventure that is determined by the flip of the coin. The coin decides each partner’s activities for the day in different destinations across the United States, pushing the couples out of their comfort zones as they try new things for the first time.

The best part is that GoUSA TV is available for free, without any subscriptions, fees or logins. GoUSA TV is available for streaming on YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV, or via the Apple iOS store and Google Play on smartphone devices.

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