Flocking to ewe tube: farm webcams live stream animals in action

Lamb cams

The UK lambing season peaks in March and April, so Easter is the perfect time to tune in for newborns taking their first steps – or even to witness a birth. The live stream from the barn at Walby Farm Park, Cumbria, shows a herd of ewes, including north of England mules and black-and-white jacobs, many of whom have had triplets. Farmer Neil also recorded a video message from inside the barn last week, to introduce viewers to the new arrivals.

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In the fields of Marlfield Farm, on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire, the sheep can be seen roaming the meadow as their babies frolic. Their small flock includes the UK’s rarest breed, the boreray, and the north ronaldsay, another rarity.

There are two lamb cams streaming from the barns of National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire, which at time of writing captured a lot of heavily pregnant sheep, but also a couple of wagging lamb’s tails if you closely.

Kidding around

The live stream from Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire is currently focused on a large pen of kids in the barn. Expect climbing, jumping, head-butting and eating everything in sight. (Perhaps not unlike family life under quarantine.) Its herd includes pygmy, anglo-nubian, saanen, toggenburg and Welsh mountain goats. These baby goats are occasionally videobombed by neighbouring sheep and donkeys.

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There are plenty of joy-inducing streams being beamed across the Atlantic too, including from Beekman Farm in Sharon Springs, New York state. The small herd here helps produce goat’s milk soap and other cruelty-free skincare products. As it’s kidding season, the camera focuses on the nursery, so you may catch a pile of sleepy characters or, when dinner arrives, plenty of mischief.

The goat cam page for family-run Symon Says Farms in Salem, Connecticut, includes a list of all the babies born this season, with names and weights to help viewers get to know the herd.

Chick this out …

The chickens at Flying Skunk Farm live in the yard of a small farm on the Massachusetts coast. The page also includes a live chat feature, to talk to fellow friends of the fowl, who told us some of their names. They include Big Al, the cream amberlink, and Goldie, a gold hen, alongside barred rocks and a Polish crested polka dot breed with a spiky hairdo. The site is so popular that a hall of fame has been created using image stills from the site.

Taking virtual farm experiences to the next level, the Coop Cam from Joe Vitale in New Jersey allows viewers to actually feed the chickens. For every 20 new subscribers, or for a “Super Chat donation” added in the comments, the hens will get an automated treat from the feed dispenser. The brood here includes Houdini, who lays blue eggs, Sassafras, Cluck Norris and the Triplets. The stream also includes a picture-in-picture view of the upstairs of the coop, where eggs are laid throughout the day.

Other farms we’ve herd of …

Spy on sunbathing piglets from Centennial Farm, part of the Orange County fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California. And on the green hills of Wisconsin Pasture Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York, there are grazing alpacas, sheep and cows hanging out together, plus a turkey barn and a pig named Honey – with her recently adopted babies, Cameron and Ben David.

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