‘Gross’ passenger caught flossing at the boarding gate

A passenger caught flossing at the airport has been called out for his “gross” behaviour on social media.

The man was spotted cleaning his teeth at the boarding gate before a flight while chatting to his friends.

He is unapologetic about his oral hygiene routine, even though there is clearly a camera on him.

In the video, the man says that he “has to do it” to which the person filming asks “you have to, huh?”

He then begins to floss his teeth vigorously before inspecting the piece of string to see if he has managed to catch anything.

A man was caught flossing his teeth while waiting for his flight.Source:Supplied

The video, shared by Instagram account Travel Creeps, was filmed by Duke Walker who said he was one of the man’s friends.

Not everyone thinks that flossing teeth in public is disgusting. Social media users were conflicted about the man’s bad habits, with some calling him out for it.

“I don’t understand the brain of someone who goes inside an airport and thinks they’re suddenly in a giant, shared hotel room,” one person wrote on Instagram.

He didn’t seem bothered to be doing it in public.Source:Supplied

Another person added that it was “absolutely disgusting” while someone else simply said: “Gross!!”

Someone suggested he should be sent to “Area 51” and another said it was “all levels of wrong”.

Others were impressed by the habit though, as someone said: “His mouth be smelling kinda fresh though.”

Another person remarked: “Great technique. Maybe a dental hygienist.”

A former flight attendant said oral hygiene should always be maintained in private.

“If your grooming needs involve your mouth, do not perform them in your seat,” the attendant, Elaine Swann, previously told the Seattle Times. “Relegate this behaviour to the bathroom, where it belongs.”

Flossing at the airport is sadly not uncommon – another woman was caught doing it, and even left the string hanging out of her mouth.

A man was even spotted cleaning his teeth during a flight, using his toothbrush in his seat.

A London commuter was caught spitting on the floor of the tube station while brushing his teeth.

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