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The islands of Phuket and Koh Samui possess a uniquely extraordinary landscape. Its coastline is a mosaic work of multiple characters: from towering rock cliffs to dramatic hill slopes, from immaculate stretches of white sand to beaches dotted by house-size boulders half-buried in the sand. And following all these, a tropical woodland covers the shoreline in lush beauty.

This diverse and exciting topography serves as a truly spectacular setting for a luxurious holiday. And true enough, a vast selection of private villas can be found here seemingly interwoven with the land like beads on a string. With such unconventional terrain, it took innovative architecture, state-of-the-art engineering, and a good dose of imagination to achieve such impressive homes without destroying the natural landscape.

Let us take a look at some of Thailand’s luxury villas that have cleverly turned rugged and rough locations to awe-inspiring hideaways.

Villa Mayavee in Kamala, Phuket

It would’ve been hard to imagine beforehand that the mountainous western coast of Phuket would make a great setting for the 4-bedroom Villa Mayavee. This property sits quite literally on the westernmost edge of Phuket, merely a few feet away from a 100-foot cliff drop to the waters of the sea.

Mayavee rises over four levels and incorporates a glass-embraced construction to ensure the interior invites the outdoor scenery into its layout. The design has incorporated the landscape with its Z-shape layout, ensuring that the villa looks perfectly at home in lush surroundings and the exposed rock surfaces.

The villa seems ahead of its time in the pristine surroundings, offering a whitewashed construction brimming with all your modern conveniences. From an infinity pool promising charming sunsets to the elegant furnishings across a 6-bathroom expanse, guests won’t sacrifice any urban pleasures for the turquoise view of the Andaman Sea.

Villa Hinta in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui

Lamai Beach in Koh Samui’s eastern coast is known for its impressive rock formations that co-exist with its soft sand. Such seaside conditions posed a challenge in building a lovely beachfront home. Villa Hinta ushers a unique design concept that sees these boulders take up space within your living room.

While random rock formations would seem to get in the way of ordinary construction work, the designers here ensured they made lemonade from lemons, swapping a traditional staircase for a huge- and beautiful- rock alternative.

More of the natural formations help divide a couple of the rooms, finishing off a 5-bedroom villa that’s scenic and family-friendly. An infinity pool seems to disappear into the similarly blue horizon, as the villa adopts a rustic exterior that sees it camouflage in the neighboring vegetation.

Villa Sawarin in Cape Yamu, Phuket

The Yamu Cape in Phuket’s quiet east side is an elongated strip of landmass rising as a hill and surrounded by water on three sides. Cascading down one of its hillsides, Villa Sawarin presents a stacked presentation featuring nine bedrooms that can cater to 18 guests stretching all the way into a beachfront and the gentle waters of Phang Nga Bay.

The property takes guests from top going down starting with an expansive pool terrace featuring a poolside pavilion, romantic lounge area surrounded by a reflection pond, and a living area crowned by an iconic Thai style roof. Reaching the foothill, a walkway leads through trees and rocks to a charming beach house and custom-landscaped golf putting green.

Villa Leelawadee in Ao Po Area, Phuket

Villa Leelawadee’s hilltop location may be an impossible setting for some, but not this villa that takes up the challenge in style. Reminisce of Scandinavian influence ring about the modern-contemporary house, which encompasses floral and vegetative decorations across its levels culminating in a bottle-neck infinity pool stretching several meters in dramatic suspension like a ship’s bow. Seen from above, this unique structure resembles a jet plane launching from the hill and into the bay.

The interior offers a sharp contrast from the pristine outside, featuring a precious white and ultra-modern style that has the feel of a major city. Teak ceiling fans and bamboo furnishings add a touch of natural delight to the living space that also entails contemporary artwork.

Villa Hin in Choeng Mon, Koh Samui

Fittingly nicknamed “The Rock house,” Villa Hin is built on a pre-existing rock formation in Samui’s northeastern area. It is part of an award-winning design that has succeeded in fusing modern minimalist architecture with the natural terrain.

The 5-bedroom masterpiece feels more like a grandiose treehouse with its multi-level dock-style deckings and rooftop garden, among other outdoorsy details. serving up a residence with tons of natural light, fresh air, cool breeze, and scenic vantage points.

Villa Hin merges the best of two distinct worlds, ensuring both man-made and natural elements fit in together like pieces of the same puzzle. Evidence of its rocky foundation is stunningly apparent with the gigantic boulder towering above its pool area and even makes up a portion of the pool floor itself. What’s more, the villa opts for a domineering open-air plan that lets you appreciate the resounding touch of nature.

Villa Arcadia in Laem Sor, Koh Samui

There are a number of impressively built properties found on cliff tops and hillsides, but Laem Sor’s Villa Arcadia in Koh Samui has to be an exception. This 5-bedroom home is perched on a 4000-square meter terrace midway down a sea-facing cliffside, nestled precariously on what seems like a shelf. It is a location so uncommon, that the villa comes with a custom-built elevator that brings guests from the higher ground to the villa’s main level.

Despite the seemingly scarce space, Villa Arcadia still affords spacious living and dining areas, breezy balconies, and a gorgeous L-shaped infinity pool looking out into the turquoise waters of the Thailand Gulf.

Villa Amanzi in Kamala, Phuket

Our last villa brings us back to the rocky shoreline hills of Kamala, on Phuket’s west coast. Here, Villa Amanzi sits in a handsome display of modern architecture fused with the natural beauty of the land. To be more exact, the villa does not only blend with the natural elements but rather makes use of it to its own advantage.

The villa’s main living area is suspended like a bridge with one end resting firmly on the very stones provided by the land. A “floating” infinity pool struts out of the ground level obscuring the distinguishing lines between its waters and the vast Indian ocean that lies beyond.

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