Travel Expert and TV Host Samantha Brown Launches Episode Study Guides for Kids

Parents are having to go above and beyond during these unprecedented times. The coronavirus has turned living rooms into home offices and schools, and one thing most parents have in common right now is the juggling act of managing it all.

Samantha Brown – travel expert, tv host and mom of two – is here to help with her interactive study guides designed for children to accompany episodes of her Emmy Award-winning show “Place to Love”.

“I’ve always made it a point to create television shows that speak to multiple generations. Whether you’re 3 or 93, travel is something that speaks to everyone,” Brown writes on her website.

Each episode that has a study guide for ‘Places to Love’ has been posted onto Samantha Brown’s Places to Love website.

The episode companion guides are designed for two groups: K-5 and Junior High School students.

Providing a bit of a history lesson, questions to engage with your child and the ultimate hope for fostering a love for travel, the study guides are free to everyone.

Samantha Brown spoke to Travelpulse recently and told Managing Editor Eric Bowman that “Places to Love” focuses on “bring(ing) the art of the conversation back [into a travel show]. Because so much of travel and travel shows these days are just sort of like hit and runs of these really quick hits about a place, and it’s always about that host experience. But it’s rarely about the person who created that experience, and so “Places to Love” is really about the people who create the experiences that we as travelers get to show up and have.

“And when you understand the hard work and the passion that goes behind these wonderful moments we get to have in travel, I think we appreciate them more. And then we have more of an experience that really resonates in our lives deeply, so it’s a very personal look at not just the experience of travel but the people behind that experience.”

Parents can have their kids watch the show and then answer the study guides on destinations like Budapest, Hungary, Baltimore, Maryland, Santa Fe, New Mexico and more.

Check out Places to Love to learn more.

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