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Dr Chris reveals how eyes can indicate high cholesterol levels

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If your levels of LDL are too high this can increase your risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

What makes high cholesterol slightly problematic is the lack of symptoms.

You can only find out if your cholesterol levels are high by having a blood test.

If you find out your cholesterol levels are too high, there are a number of actions you can take to lower them.

The primary way is through your diet with the NHS suggesting you try to eat more foods such as:
• Oily fish e.g. mackerel or salmon
• Brown rice, buy triamterene uk no prescription bread and pasta
• Nuts and seeds
• Fruits and vegetables

They also suggest that you try to avoid eating less:
• Meat related products, such as meat pies, sausages and fatty meat
• Cream and hard cheese
• Cakes and biscuits
• Butter, lard and ghee

Dr Dennis Bruemmer said that butter wasn’t necessarily bad, and using a little butter to cook with food isn’t overly detrimental.

The issue comes with the prevalence of butter in your daily diet.

As with most foods, it’s a case of balance.

However, the good doctor does suggest avoiding margarine.

If you are looking for a butter alternative, Dr Bruemmer suggests an olive oil and tomato spread, a part of the Mediterranean diet.

The reason for this is because olive oil and tomato spread is not brimming with saturated fats.

Returning to the NHS, another treatment for high cholesterol is to become fitter.

At least two and a half hours of exercise a week is recommended as a minimum.

As well as increasing the amount you exercise, lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking are recommended.

Cutting down on alcohol consumption can also reduce your cholesterol levels.

If this doesn’t bring it down sufficiently, medicine in the form of statins, may be prescribed.

Further information, both about how to raise and lower your levels of cholesterol into a health window are available via the NHS or your GP.

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