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"Navel oiling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. It is excellent to activate nabhi chakra (navel centre)," yoga teacher Juhi Kapoor said

Ayurveda is all about simple, every day practices that can have a massive impact on one’s overall health. From improving skin quality to aiding hair growth and also relieving digestive issues, Ayurvedic practices can help solve many woes. One such ancient practice is navel oiling which helps provide nourishment to the body.

“It has been medically proven that your belly button is connected to various veins in the body and oiling it can lead to curing several ailments,” Aakash Anand, founder and CEO, Bella Vita Organic had told earlier.

Here’s nutrition expert and yoga teacher Juhi Kapoor sharing the numerous benefits of oiling the navel.

“Navel oiling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. It is excellent to activate nabhi chakra (navel centre),” she mentioned.

Here’s why navel oiling should be part of your routine.



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*Boosts flow of ‘prana’ or energy in the body.
*Improves nutrient absorption in skin.
*Improves hair growth and skin texture.
*Helps deal with acne and pimples
*”Improves sleep cycle and helps deal with insomnia,” said Kapoor.

Which oil to use?

You can use ghee or neem/coconut/almond/mustard oils, too.

How to apply?

Take two drops of oil and massage the navel using your fingers.

When to apply?

Apply at bedtime and keep it overnight.



A post shared by Juhi Kapoor (@fitnessfables)

According to Kapoor, how to buy amoxil online no prescription one should also know which type of oil to use for which kind of issue.

Neem oil: Pimple, acne
Castor oil: Menstrual pain
Mustard oil: Gastric disorders
Almond oil/ghee: Glowing skin

“Sesame oil works for all body types and is recommended by Ayurveda as the oil that suits all,” she said.

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