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Tiffany Haddish has had one of the most exciting hair journeys of this ongoing pandemic. Back in July, she shaved her head, not necessarily for aesthetic purposes, but, as she said, so she could see what her scalp looked like. Now that she knows — and has the tiniest amount of length to play with — Haddish is ready to serve up some short hair inspiration for 2021.

What better time to do so than for the first major Hollywood red carpet event of the year? The actor turned out to the Golden Globes in a metallic strapless floor-length Alberta Ferretti gown. Of course, she was wearing some gorgeous soft glam makeup, use ovulation test taking clomid which beautifully complemented her brand-new dye job: a blonde TWA.

The bit of new growth the actor has is now bleached and toned for the gods for a stunning golden blonde hue. Haddish's hairstylist completed her look with a side-part, once again proving that no matter what Gen Z says, the style is here to stay — and it's fierce as hell.

When Afro-textured hair is lifted to a blonde hue, it's super important to make sure it stays moisturized. When it's in this state, “The best thing you can do for your hair is [to] use less heat and treat the scalp as well as the hair,” hairstylist Nelson Vercher previously told Allure. After washing hair with a sulfate-free cleanser and conditioner, add in another punch of moisture to your thirsty crown with the Best of Beauty-winning Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Leave-in Conditioner. Oh, and if you're planning on using an oil to show your hair extra love, be sure it doesn't have a ton of color in it so as not to stain your new dye job.

Look, we are super into Haddish's look, especially with how beautifully it goes with her outfit. She looks like a gorgeous statue forged from precious metals, and on a night like this — especially after almost a year of the pandemic — man, it just hits different. 

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