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Paraguay on Monday reported a record 78 COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours, a number health authorities fear will grow further in the country of 7.1 million people.

With hospitals pushed to the limit, synthroid and didrex together the number of new cases has been growing exponentially since March and now appears to be outpacing predictions, Christian Von Lucken of the National Council for Science and Technology told AFP.

“The data now shows that already by April 20 we will reach 90 deaths per day,” he said.

And with a low testing rate, even these numbers may not accurately reflect the extent of an outbreak putting pressure on the health system and worsening “at a frightening speed,” he said.

Peru has recorded 235,200 coronavirus infections and 4,827 deaths since the pandemic started.

South America has been battered by a new infection wave experts say is fueled by more contagious virus variants.

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