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Niamh Carroll first started suffering with bad skin at the age of 20, when painful spots appeared on her face.

As the acne developed, Niamh – from Tullamore, Ireland – became incredibly self-conscious, often trying to cover her face with makeup, and purchasing various skincare products to help.

But when her skin got even worse, Niamh couldn’t even wear makeup as it became too sore to touch.

And this was having a knock-on effect on her mental health.

Niamh, now 26, tennessee inpatient medicine associates explains: ‘My skin would start to bleed if I put makeup on it. I was in a lot of discomfort, with purple and blue spots, with plenty of blood in my breakouts.

‘I must have spent thousands on products to try and solve my skin issues. I tried loads of different brands.

‘I was also on the contraceptive pill, but it didn’t help my skin. The doctor suggested I try prescription medication such as Accutane, but I didn’t want to affect my body further.

‘I would wear masses of makeup every day, and I was mortified when my colleague once said my face was bleeding, and asked if I needed a tissue.

‘I felt really down, and didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to see my friends and avoided taking photos.

‘It really affected me, as my skin was so painful.’

Eventually, Niamh decided to visit the Re-Nu skin clinic in her local town, to seek help for her skin problems.

She was recommended a series of products by medical-grade skincare brand AlumierMD.

Skincare expert Niamh Darcy at the brand created a tailored regime for her – including a cleanser, a balancing serum, a recovery balm and regular in-clinic peels.

Just three months into this new skincare regime, Niamh says her complexion has completely changed – and she no longer has acne or breakouts. 

‘My skin is a world away from what it looked like before I used AlumierMD products,’ explains the business development representative.

‘I no longer have active breakouts, and I am no longer in pain.

‘I am so much more confident in myself, and I’m much happier. I don’t have anxiety about how my face looks now, and I’m not in pain anymore.

‘It’s changed my life.’

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