Delta Donates 200,000 Pounds of Food to Hospitals and Food Banks

After Delta Air Lines reduced its services due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the lack of customers has left the airline with an excess of food. To support the efforts of front-line responders and help those in need, Delta has donated 200,000 pounds of its food to hospitals, community food banks and other charity groups.

In a press release on Tuesday, the airline confirmed that the food is distributed through its long-time partner, the Chicago-based nonprofit Feeding America organization.

“So far in 2020, Delta has donated over 200,000 pounds of perishable food items from warehouses to Feeding America partner agencies across the U.S. and other charities, including Georgia Food & Resource Center and Missouri’s Carthage Crisis Center,” said Delta.

According to USA Today, Delta is also working to provide food from its Sky Club lounges to first responders and charities in cities heavily impacted by the coronavirus, such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York.

In the airline’s home base of Atlanta, Delta has teamed up with local chef Linton Hopkins to supply meals for first responders at Emory University Hospital and locals employed in the hospitality industry who have been furloughed.

Additionally, Delta is sending boxed meals to the employees at the airline’s reservations and customer care centers, who continue to help customers adjust their travel plans due to the pandemic.

In addition to its latest services, Delta announced last month that the airline would be flying healthcare workers to coronavirus focal points for free.

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