Delta Stands Against Human Trafficking, Sexual Misconduct

As a way to bring awareness to World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, Delta Air Lines and its flight attendants are educating passengers on sexual exploitation, forced labor and modern slavery.

Delta has shown an unwavering commitment to fighting sexual misconduct, combating exploitation and making it clear these actions are unwelcome on the airline’s planes and in the communities it serves.

The National In-Flight Sexual Misconduct Task Force recently released recommendations for best practices to prevent, report and collect data regarding any unwelcome sexual behavior on an aircraft.

“It’s our moral imperative to take the very best care of our customers and flight attendants, which includes taking a stand against exploitation and fighting any form of harassment or sexual misconduct,” Delta senior vice president Allison Ausband said.

“We continue to enhance our training, our systems and our reporting, and have opened additional feedback channels for our employees,” Ausband continued. “With every incident, we learn how to strengthen our policies, implement new safeguards and better protect our customers and crew.”

Ausband is the airline representative for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s anti-human trafficking Task Force and oversaw the partnership with the National Human Trafficking Hotline operator, Polaris, which helped over 86,000 Delta employees receive training to identify and report human trafficking.

Delta flight crews are taught to treat all reports of harassment as serious threats to the safety of its passengers and employees. The airline works in association with law enforcement and provides emotional support when an incident onboard takes place.

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