Global Airline Alliances Team Up for Coronavirus Safety Video

Three global airline alliances announced a collaborative effort to highlight the measures carriers are adopting to assure the health and safety of customers while traveling during the coronavirus outbreak.

The partnership between oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance came together to develop the “Dear Travelers” video, which provides a look at what customers can expect on their journeys over the coming months as travel restrictions are lifted.

Included in the measures that travelers are requirements for passengers and staff members to wear face masks, physical distancing in all required areas, increased sanitation with a focus on high-touch areas, hospital-grade air filters and more.

“The safety and well-being of passengers and employees have always been our members’ number one priority,” SkyTeam CEO Kristin Colvile said. “We have seen an incredible level of cooperation within the entire aviation community to implement multiple layers of protection around health and hygiene.”

“Passengers can be assured that when they travel many actions have been taken to enhance their personal safety in the airport, and the air,” Colvile continued.

Each of the three global alliances has recently announced initiatives that focus on a multi-layered approach to safe operations, meeting or exceeding the stringent measures recommended by health experts, regulators and leading industry bodies.

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