Oman reveals plan to build Muscat Airport City in major aviation push

Muscat Airport City will include a free zone, logistics hub and retail zone as part of Oman’s new National Aviation Strategy 2030

Plans have been unveiled to launch Muscat Airport City which will include a free zone, logistics hub and retail zone as part of Oman’s new National Aviation Strategy 2030.

The Oman Aviation Group is adopting a master plan to launch the project which will be made up of five main areas including the Muscat Airport Free Zone spread across 3.3 million square metres and devoted to light industries and storage activities for air freight, e-commerce, manufacturing and packaging of national products, in addition to aviation equipment, office spaces, and an integrated service delivery station.
The project will also feature a 200,000 sq m logistics area for air freight services, a mixed-use project designated for the offices of airlines and related economic sectors and a zone to host aviation, cultural and social activities, innovation centres for the aviation sector and a specialised emergency hospital.

A hospitality zone, which occupies an area of 192,000 square metres, will include duty-free shops, offices for travel companies and hotels for travellers.

The strategy also places importance on restructuring Oman Air by adopting a programme designed to address gaps and support growth by updating its network of destinations, developing its products, and enhancing its sales and marketing capabilities.

The 2030 strategy will also see the launch of the National Travel Operator online platform that effectively connects Omani travel providers with customers in target markets.

In its first stage, the National Travel Operator will target the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and India alongside the Gulf countries.

The National Aviation Strategy 2030, launched by the Ministry of Transport, aims to strengthen Oman’s economy by improving the aviation industry.

Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport, said that the strategy will enable the aviation sector in the sultanate to compete on a global level.

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