Passenger Banned After Opening Exit Door, Walking on Wing of Plane

An airline passenger who had just landed at an airport in Ukraine this week was filmed calmly walking around the wing of the plane.

According to The Daily Mail, Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS6212 from Turkey landed at Kyiv Boryspil International Airport and began deplaning passengers when a woman onboard became “hot.”

Woman walks out onto wing of Ukraine International Airlines 737 at Kyiv Boryspil Airport after complaining she was too hot.

The female passenger had traveled on the journey with her husband and son and was in the process of deplaning after a successful landing when she decided to open the emergency exit door and walk out onto the wing.

Footage shot of the incident at the Ukrainian airport showed a blonde woman walking around the wing of the plane before being called back to the emergency door and getting back inside the fuselage.

When asked by the police why she decided to exit the plane, the woman said “she was hot and wanted to cool down.” The female passenger was tested for drugs and alcohol, but all came back negative.

Ukraine International Airlines released an official statement to The Daily Mail:

“A passenger of flight PS6212 Antalya-Kyiv illegally opened the emergency exit of the plane after it stopped near gate 11 of terminal D and went on to its wing. The chief pilot immediately summoned the aviation security, border service, police and medical center of Boryspil Airport. The passenger was blacklisted for gross violation of aviation safety rules and behavior on board.”

Earlier this week, two women forced a flight delay after they engaged in a fistfight on a jet bridge at a New York City airport while a crowd of people watched and filmed the brawl.

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