Terminal B floods at Newark Airport

Three hundred and seventy flights have been canceled at Newark Airport thus far Thursday as the airport recovers from rain and flooding brought by the remnants of Hurricane Ida overnight. 

“The storm has passed but our crews are working diligently to clear residual flooding & return ops to normal,” the airport tweeted early Thursday morning. Passengers should check with their carriers before heading to the airport. 

Ida forced a brief suspension of all flight operations at Liberty late Wednesday as the airport experienced what it called “severe flooding.” Parking lots were closed along with public transit to the airport. In addition, passengers stuck in the airport were moved from ground level areas due to flooding. 

Videos posted Thursday morning on news site NorthJersey.com shows water from the storm flowing freely through the airport’s Terminal B as well as well as through a baggage-handling facility. 

Newark recorded more than 8 inches of rain Wednesday, a local record for rainfall in a 24-hour period. 

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