White House Says No to an Airline Face Mask Mandate

The Trump administration said it opposes a provision in a House spending bill that would mandate passengers on airlines, trains and public transportation to wear a face mask at all times.

The White House Office of Management and Budget called the proposed amendment from Democratic Rep. David Price in a U.S. House of Representatives spending bill “overly restrictive,” adding that “such decisions should be left to states, local governments, transportation systems, and public health leaders,” according to Reuters News Service.

The idea of a universal mandate has been a controversial topic.

Industry leaders from airport and airline CEOs to union heads to lobby groups have all but begged for a federal requirement for passengers to wear masks.

Virtually every airline has imposed rules on wearing face masks, to the point where some are banning passengers who refuse to do so.

But it nonetheless has made for numerous confrontations between travelers and crew members trying to enforce the ban, to the point where one man held up an entire flight claiming his HIPAA rights were violated by having to explain why he wasn’t wearing a face mask.

Delta Air Lines even turned a plane around after multiple passengers refused to wear a face mask.

“President Trump’s flagrant disregard for basic public health measures is bad enough, but threatening to derail federal funding for major transportation and housing programs due to a common-sense provision to require masks on planes, trains, and buses is baffling,” Price said in a statement.

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