16-Year-Old Creates Germ Genie to Protect Air Travelers

We all know that tray tables are one of the germiest places on an airplane and, now that everyone is hyperaware of germs during the coronavirus outbreak, protecting yourself from them is now of the utmost importance.

Enter 16-year-old Henry Hurowitz, creator of the Germ Genie. Hurowitz learned the hard way about germy tray tables when he fell asleep with his head on one and awoke with a rash on his face.

In order to combat this problem, he invented a tray table cover. Germ Genie Tray Table Placemats create a protective barrier and provide an instant hygienic surface while traveling. The packs include 15 disposable placemats and retail for $9.99.

Travelers can also purchase travel packs that include other essentials.

The Germ Genie Travel Pack includes 15 Airplane Tray Table Covers, two medical face masks, 10 disinfecting surface wipes, two pairs of latex-free gloves, hand sanitizer and an airplane headrest cover in a reusable case. This pack sells for $24.95.

The Germ Genie Premium Pack includes a pack of 15 tray table covers, KN95 face mask, with the option for two total, two medical face masks, 10 disinfecting wipes, two latex gloves, hand sanitizer, airplane seat headrest cover, Johnson & Johnson To Go First Aid Kit, 10 disposable toilet seat covers and a pair of shoe covers in a reusable travel case.

The Premium Pack retails for between $34.95 and $44.95 depending on the number of KN95 masks travelers would like included.

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