‘Absolute joke!’ Spanish tourists warned over long taxi queues at airports

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Passengers who have just landed in Spain and are planning on hailing a taxi to take them to their hotel or villa, have been told to expect long queues. It comes as there is a severe shortage of taxis in Palma – not only at airports but in the local town too. 

Holidaymakers have been left complaining about the lack of available taxis – especially at weekends, to take them from their hotels to local restaurants. 

It comes as the majority of Palma taxis head to the airport in search of a lucrative fare. 

This means large queues have been forming at the main taxi ranks in the city centre. 

According to Majorca Daily Bulletin, there is a shortage of taxis at the resorts because of the high volume of work.

The local authorities are under pressure to issue more taxi licences even if they are just for the summer season.

In recent days however, tourists have been revealing the high demand for taxis at the airport which has resulted in long queues. 

One advised: “If you plan to come the taxi, book it in advance, as there is currently a high demand.” 

“11:30 p.m. Queues to leave the arrivals terminal at Palma airport. Hundreds of people waiting for a taxi or a bus to. It’s only June 2nd,” someone else tweeted alongside a photo showing long queues. 

One holidaymaker was left dissatisfied with her travel company. 

She tweeted: “@jet2tweets private transfers my a*se. Been queuing for an hour for a taxi that isn’t assigned to us at palma airport. Literally just waiting for people to turn up and take people. Absolute joke. #happyholidayNOT.” 

She then added another tweet, with an update: “And now we’ve been told we need to sort our own transfer out. 

“Nearly three hours waiting to get set off to our hotel to start our holiday. Disgusting. Embarrassing!!!!” 

For tourists wanting to hire a car for their holiday, rental cars are also in high demand and short supply. 

Before the Covid pandemic car companies were shipping 120,000 rental cars to Mallorca for the summer season.

So far this year, up to 3,500 cars have been shipped to the Spanish area to fulfil rental requests. 

But the tourism industry says that’s just not enough.

Both the Balearic Vehicle Rental Association, or Aevab and the Balearic Association of Vehicle Rental Companies, or Baleval point out that around 75,000 will be needed this summer.

The lack of cars available to rent will impact the prices. 

Aevab President, Ramón Reus said: “Prices during the summer will be higher than pre-pandemic.” 

Baleval President, Antoni Masferrer told Majorca Daily Bulletin: “The situation has changed and marketing has become very expensive because demand is very high and there’s not enough cars.

“The cost of rental cars at Easter was 70-130 euros per day which has eradicated the clientele that used to rent cars because they were very cheap.”

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