Amsterdam tells boozy Brits to ‘stay away’ in bid to curb sex and drug tourists

In the latest blow to British tourists – who have already been discouraged from travelling to Spain – Amsterdam has also issued a warning.

The Netherlands city, which is famous for its Red Light District and legal cannabis cafes, is looking to limit sex-fuelled parties and rowdy behaviour.

In an effort to do this, the Dutch capital has launched a campaign to discourage undesirable tourists from holidays in the area.

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It has begun by targeting young boozy Brits.

Amsterdam’s officials have already put many new rules in place to fight against the swathes of stag and hen dos and booze weekenders causing havoc in the city.

These include forcing brothels to shut their doors during certain times of the day and night.

Plus, alcohol can no longer be sold in some areas outside of designated times.

The city’s new campaign is called “Stay Away” which shows people seeing special warnings when searching online for specific terms such as “pub crawl Amsterdam” and “Stag Party Amsterdam.”

Amsterdam’s City Council said: “The campaign will commence in Great Britain, aimed at males in the age category of 18 to 35 years.

“This online discouragement campaign is aimed at nuisance tourists who want to visit Amsterdam to ‘go wild’, with all the ensuing consequences.”

Brits may feel embarrassed or angry by the announcement, as they did were when Lanzarote president María Dolores Corujo said the island wanted to attract “higher quality” German tourists rather than British ones.

The warning ads may also be expanded to “potential nuisance-causing visitors from the Netherlands and other EU-countries” later in the year.

But, for now, it’s British lads on the lash that are being targeted.

Claims state that the advert warnings would show the “risks and consequences of anti-social behaviour and excessive drug and alcohol abuse”.

Cafes, bars and sex clubs have already been given earlier closure times along with cannabis being banned in the Red Light District.

The government may even move the legal-prostitution area outside of the city centre at some point in coming years.


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