Beauty hacks revealed by travel pros including makeup guru Bobbi Brown

‘Slap on a sheet mask, use an SPF spray and put creams in a CONTACT LENS CASE’: Travel pros – including make-up guru Bobbi Brown – reveal their top travel beauty hacks

  • TikToker Isabelle Lux says her essential travel item is a spray on SPF
  • Bobbi Brown’s secret travel hack is a cleansing stick from her Jones Road line
  • ‘Cadence capsules’ – designed to hold toiletries – are popular on TikTok 

Travel can take its toll when it comes to keeping up appearances, from dehydrated skin to swollen ankles. 

But in a bid to keep beauty regimes in check, a stream of seasoned travelers have served up their top tried and tested tricks. 

Here rounds up some of the most useful pieces of advice so you can arrive at your destination feeling glowy instead of groggy.  

Fly on down for some inspiration for your travel beauty bag. 

Sun protection! Invest in an SPF spray

TikToker Isabelle Lux, who specializes in skincare tips says her essential travel item is an SPF. She recommends a spray or mineral powder to protect against UV rays

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TikToker Isabelle Lux, who specializes in skincare tips, says her essential travel item is an SPF. 

She tells viewers in a clip: ‘I bet you know that when you’re in the sky the UV rays are 90 per cent stronger that they are on earth.’

While she says people say it’s good to apply an SPF cream as you go, Isabelle says the thought of rubbing her ‘dirty airplane fingers’ on her face isn’t appealing.

Instead she recommends traveling with a spray SPF and applying ‘two spritzes’ or a mineral SPF can be used as an alternative.

Supporting Isabelle’s claims, a 2015 study by the University of California found that crew members who spent 56 minutes in the cockpit of a plane at 30,000 feet received the same amount of ultraviolet radiation as spending 20 minutes on a tanning bed.

Dr. Lavanya Krishnan, a dermatologist at Arya Derm in San Francisco, also told airline passengers face the threat of increased UV ray exposure and it is therefore wise to apply an SPF.

The specialist explained: ‘A good rule of thumb is that if you can see rays of sunlight entering through a window, whether it be a window in your home or car or an airplane window – you are at risk of UV ray penetration into your skin.

‘Moreover, airplane travel is at much higher altitudes and is associated with reflection of the UV rays off of surrounding clouds.’

Swell time! Compression socks to boost circulation and reduce swelling

TikToker Isabelle says she thought compression socks ‘were going to be for grandmas but trust me they work so well’

TikToker Isabelle also recommends taking a pair of compression socks on every flight over three hours long. 

She says: ‘I literally though that these were going to be for grandmas but trust me they work so well.

‘They help with circulation and you’re going to feel so much better when you land.’ 

The travel pro says you can get ‘thin ones’ and ‘thick ones’ and she owns a ‘whole bunch.’

There have also been numerous medical studies around compression stockings preventing deep vein thrombosis but many have been inconclusive. says that the socks can have various benefits for plane passengers  with the main ones being improved circulation and reduced swelling. 

It highlights that travelers can invest in medical grade or non-medical support hosiery and it advises to give them a test run before travel.

The health site says: ‘Practice putting them on a few times before your flight. Getting them on your feet, especially in the tight confines of an airplane, can take some getting used to. 

‘The best time to put them on might be right before you board, while you’re waiting at your gate.’ 

Clean and clear: A cleansing stick 

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown revealed in a TikTok that one of her secret travel hacks is the cleansing stick from her own Jones Road line, paired with an oil stick

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown reveals in a TikTok that one of her secret travel hacks is the cleansing stick from her own Jones Road line.

The 65-year-old entrepreneur explains in a clip: ‘Lately I’ve been traveling a lot I’ve been taking the cleansing stick with me and it’s so great because it does not spill. ‘

‘It’s easy to take your make-up off it just is portable.’

Bobbi says she uses the cleansing stick in combination with her oil stick.

She continues, while showcasing both of the products: ‘I’ll throw it in with my oil stick and the oil stick has really saved my skin when I’m a little dry. I put this on last. 

‘I also put this on after I wash my face at night. So these are a good little pair.’

The Jones Road cleansing stick, which retails for $34 and is made from ‘a trifecta of vitamin-rich plant-based oils’, is described on the website as a ‘travel-friendly solid oil cleanser that effectively dissolves makeup and removes impurities without stripping the skin of essential oils.’

It has a 4.7/5 rating based on 375 reviews. Meanwhile the oil stick, which sells for $24, is described as a ‘shortcut to instantly supple skin’ which glides on to moisturize.

Ingredients include ‘coconut alkanes and a quartet of high-performance oils; apricot, jojoba, rosehip and sunflower.’

Capsule collection: The tiny travel-friendly containers (or try contact lens containers if you’re on a budget)

A product doing the rounds on TikTok are Cadence capsules. Explaining why she loves the containers so much, TikToker Sarah Palmyra says: ‘They’re leak proof, they’re also magnetic’

A travel product doing the rounds on TikTok are Cadence capsules. 

The mini hexagonal containers are designed to hold toiletries while traveling.

They can also be used to store small jewelry items such as rings or earrings.  

Explaining why she loves the small containers so much, TikToker Sarah Palmyra says: ‘Instead of packing full size opt for these travel containers.

‘I love them because they’re leak proof they’re also magnetic and the names are totally customizable.’

An individual capsule from Cadence costs $14 while a set of six comes in at $76. They come in eight colorways, including ‘lavender’ and ‘petal.’

For those on a budget, one Reddit user suggests using contact lens containers to store miniature servings of products such as face creams or hair gels. 

They reveal: ‘For short trips, contacts cases are so good for skincare, foundations, loose powders [etc]. 

‘You don’t have to worry about leaks or glass breaking.’ 

Saving face: Slap on a sheetmask to hydrate 

Colorado-based dermatologist Dr Scott Walker says he always applies a sheet mask when flying, and globetrotting TikToker Lindsay Silberman is also a huge fan of them 

Another popular beauty item among the travel community are sheet masks. 

In one TikTok, Colorado-based dermatologist Dr Scott Walker reveals that this is one of his must-have items as part of his in-flight skincare routine. 

As he embarks on a ten-hour flight, he can be seen applying a moisturizing face mask. 

The expert explains that this is because the air is ‘totes dry.’ He follows on by applying extra moisturizer and eye serum. 

Lindsay Silberman, who has been to more than 63 countries, also swears by sheet masks. 

She explains in a TikTok while applying one mid-flight: ‘I prefer not to look like a haggard worm when I land after a long haul flight so I always use a nice sheet mask.’ 

The globetrotter says she applies a sheet mask whether she is sat in business or economy as she ‘doesn’t care’ about what onlookers think. 

For the ultimate in-air DIY facial, she recommends using a leave-on lip mask too.

Stuck on you: Use a beauty magnet 

TikToker Sarah Palmyra says she always packs her Beauty Magnet when she’s on the go as she doesn’t want to lose things ‘like my tweezers or jade rollers’

To prevent small beauty tools from getting lost inside your hand luggage or checked bag, many travelers swear by the ‘Beauty Magnet’. 

TikToker Sarah Palmyra says she always packs her Beauty Magnet when she’s on the go as she doesn’t want to lose things ‘like my tweezers or jade rollers’ and the gadget enables all of her tools to stack together. 

Elizabeth Kennedy, who invented the patented tool, reveals in a TikTok what inspired her to develop it. 

She says: ‘It’s my five favorite skincare tools as an aesthetician magnetized. 

‘So you’re not going to lose your skincare tools anymore. It’s all in one place. It’s super chic.’

Currently the Beauty Magnet retails for $125, with the travel-sized kit including a derma roller, a rose quartz face roller, a de-puffing eye roller, a comedone extractor, tweezers, and a sanitizing spray bottle. 

One Reddit user also suggests using a magnetic make-up palette to store products on, so they are all in one place. 

Au naturel! Never wear make-up during the flight – or keep it simple

TikToker @brooke_ashleighh reveals her simple flight beauty routine in a clip

No makeup makeup routine for the airport ✈️ #grwmmakeup #grwm #fyp #nomakeupmakeup

The general consensus among the travel community is to never wear make-up during a flight.

One flight attendant on a Reddit thread suggests wearing light make-up if needed but wiping it off when it’s time to sleep. 

She adds: ‘Then [you can] reapply before landing. I’d suggest heading to the bathroom an hour and a half to two hours before landing if possible, we start preparing the cabin for landing pretty soon after and then everyone else starts going to the restroom. 

‘I usually just put on on my skincare at home so I don’t have to do it on the plane.’

TikToker @brooke_ashleighh reveals her au naturel flight beauty routine in a clip. 

She says before travel, she simply applies a tinted moisturizer, a brow pencil, brow gel, and shimmer free highlighter balm, and lip balm.

Many redditors also advise travelling with eye drops to keep eyes looking fresh and lubricated while in the air. 

Sleeping beauty: Always pack a silk pillow case

Creator @joannaleachen tells viewers three reasons why silk pillow cases should be a top travel accessory

Many travelers swear by silk pillow cases. 

These can be used on the plane or at hotels, with the provided pillows stuffed inside. 

Creator @joannaleachen tells viewers three reasons why silk pillow cases should be a top travel accessory.

She explains in a TikTok: ‘The first reason why is cos I am a side sleeper… it creates little things called sleep creases which will eventually lead to wrinkles.

‘Sleeping on silk instead of something like cotton or linen really helps prevent those sleep creases from forming in the first place.

‘Number two is that there are less germs with a silk pillowcase this is because silk absorbs less moisture than other fabrics making this a cleaner surface for your skin.’

Thirdly, the travel pro says silk pillow cases help achieve shiner, smoother hair.

She continues: ‘Silk is softer and doesn’t absorb moisture as much as other fabrics which creates less friction on your hair when you’re sleeping.

‘I’ve definitely noticed a significant improvement in both my skin and my hair after sleeping on a silk pillow case.’

Joanna also highlights the importance of washing the pillow case frequently and she says she washes hers twice a week.  

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