‘Brilliant’ travel influencer trick to find the most beautiful places to camp

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Emma and Alex run travel blog Travel Beans. The couple boasts 137k Youtube subscribers and 12k Instagram followers, sharing their travel advice on the platforms. After meeting in Thailand 10 years ago, the pair have been travelling together ever since.

He said: “There’s a brilliant app called Park4Night we use a lot.

“It brings up a map and then you can search the area. It will give you a list of paid campsites, free spots, nature spots.

“That makes it very easy because people will then review the places they have stayed, say whether they are safe or if they are dodgy.”

Park4night has been downloaded over six million times.

Users share spots they visit with users, collating a wealth of expertise in one place.

Over 199,000 places have been marked on the app’s map, with users being able to leave comments.

The app can also use your smartphone or your cars GPS to guide you to your chosen campsite.

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However, the couple sometimes park off the cuff too, if they spot an appealing area.

Alex said: “Another thing we like to do is just look on the map, just in general for all travel, is look on the map, see where’s green and then stop Googling that.

“We did that for the South Downs recently, for example.”

Emma said: “Generally if there are a few other campervans bands there, you know that you’re safe.

“As long as somewhere doesn’t say ‘no overnight parking’ or that kind of stuff, it should be fine.

“As long as you’re respectful and you kind of adjust to your surroundings.”

“And pick up after yourself,” Alex added.

“Yes, always do that,” Emma went on. “Otherwise we all get a bad name because of a small group of people.”

Talking with locals can be a great way to find places to stay.

“You can find spaces to stay anywhere, to be honest, it just depends on how brave you are,” Alex said.

Emma added: “Even with some pub owners if you get taking, maybe if you are having a meal there, they may be happy to let you stay on their land.”

The couple also shared their favourite UK camping site, with a beach and wildlife nearby. 

The couple chose an area in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, which is a short walk from the beach, boasts sunsets and wildlife.

Emma said: “There is a lush campsite in a place called Uphill, in Somerset, the location is just so nice.

“You are a five to 10-minute walk from the beach.”

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