British Airways worker shares simple tip for getting free flight upgrades

An ex- British Airways flights attendant has revealed the savvy ways of getting a free upgrade onboard.

Simon J Marton, who was once a Chief Steward for the airline, shared the insider knowledge in his new book, Journey Of A Reluctant Air Steward.

His tips vary from dressing smartly to doing research and being flexible when booking flights abroad.

Speaking to the MailOnline , the 49-year-old said: “Dress smartly – it does no harm.

“If you look like you could be dressed appropriately for an upgrade, then you stand a better chance in that regard than someone in casual attire."

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He said that booking into a packed flight and checking in late can often get you upgraded to a first class seat.

Regular BA customers and frequent flyers are also rewarded as anyone with the mark “Suitable for Upgrade” (SFU) does as well.

Other options include flying with a friend who has a business class, simply because “you have business to discuss” and even travelling with family members as they simply can't split you up.

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Simon added: “If you are a family that’s been split up, then ask to be seated together.

“It is harder to achieve in economy cabins, but it can be done by splitting the family apart, which I have seen many times, by putting a more able family member such as a teenager or two in economy, whilst putting a parent or two with more dependent children in business class."

Even having good experience with the airline would benefit you in the long run.

The ex-BA worker continued: “You give away a comfy seat… and the benefit for the airline is that he or she will be ten times more likely to recommend that airline to others and remain fiercely loyal to the brand."

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