‘Buy train tickets now’: Martin Lewis tells Britons to beat the crowds for Christmas

Martin Lewis explains the new 159 banking phone number

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The Christmas holidays may seem a long way off, but Martin Lewis is advising Britons to start looking at train tickets now. With the holidays impacting prices dramatically, thrifty Britons should start buying their Christmas train tickets as soon as possible.

Most train companies will launch their train tickets 12 weeks in advance.

Which means Britons can start buying Christmas train tickets right now.

Martin said on the Martin Lewis Money Show that Britons who want “more choice” should buy their train tickets at this time of year.

More choice also means cheaper prices.

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With the demand not yet at its peak, tickets should be cheaper now than they will be closer to Christmas time.

Martin also noted that now is a good time for Christmas train tickets sales.

“Some are on sales now, others due in the next week or two.”

For the best price and the most availability, Britons who are looking to travel over the Christmas period should not leave it to the last minute.

Many Britons have already started planning their Christmas holidays, with HolidayPirates revealing bookings for Christmas markets are taking off.

Britons are looking to stay in the UK this year, continuing on with the staycation trend of this summer.

The top sellers were London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Britons who book in advance will be able to get the best deals.

As Martin mentioned, train tickets will be cheaper now.

Some may even be on sales within the next couple of weeks.

For hotels, it was found to be the same.

HolidayPirates noted deals are available now for some of the most popular destinations around the UK.

One deal in Manchester started at £14.50 per night and per person in Manchester.

The Premier Inn Manchester City (Piccadilly) Hotel is a three stars hotel.

And it’s a Tripadvisor award winning hotel.

Britons who wish to head to the northern city for Christmas can stay in the Northern Quarter for a bargain.

But deals will not last forever and as more Britons start planning their holidays, prices will rise.

The closer the country gets to Christmas, the higher the demand will be.

And as many have seen this summer, increased demand can lead to some staggeringly high prices in the most popular locations.
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