Campsites reopen: Camping gear sales soar as Britons prepare for holidays – what to buy

As the weather improves in the UK and summer creeps up on Britons, holidaymakers are keen to book their next vacation. But as travel restrictions remain in place in the UK and quarantine rules are introduced, many have turned to holidays in the UK. Campsites, caravan and holiday parks have already been inundated with enquiries.


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Martin Smith, founder of said: “Our research shows that British holidaymakers are desperate to get away and explore the UK, but they’re nervous about the reaction of communities they visit and expecting plenty of changes for the summer ahead.

“This is going to a challenging summer for many smaller campsites.

“On top of the disruption to their year so far, they’re having to invest in site upgrades and many will cut the number of holidays they sell to create more space on site.

“One of the most reassuring findings in our survey was that more than 70 percent of people said they would consider paying a surcharge to help cover the additional costs campsites will incur this summer.

“The public’s support is needed now more than ever.”

Independent price comparison service PriceSpy has seen a sudden surge in camping gear popularity.

The website reported a 77 percent uplift in popularity of camping equipment.

PriceSpy saw tent sales increase by 87 percent, sleeping bags by 88 percent, sleeping mats by 80 percent, camping stoves by 52 percent and thermos flasks by 36 percent.

But for those thinking about what to buy when campsites reopen, has compiled a list of everything you might need.

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Tents come in lots of sizes but it’s always best to get a tent that sleeps one or two more people than you think you need.

Another tip is to make sure you know how to put up your tent before you go to the campsite.

Sleeping bag

Remember a sleeping bag for everyone who is camping, plus a pillow.

If you’re sleeping on the floor, you’ll also need a sleeping mat.

Sleeping bags have different temperature ratings meaning that some of them will only keep you warm down to a minimum external temperature.

Synthetic fillings are cheapest and dry after but goose or duck down is warmer and can last longer.

Camping chairs

This is not a must-have item but definitely makes you more comfortable when you’re camping.

Make sure you go for one that suits your needs as some of them can be bulky, heavy and come without cup holders.

A double chair is perfect for a couple who don’t want to splash out on two separate chairs.

Water carrier

A water carrier or water storage for camping is a great way to make sure you have enough fluids when you’re camping.

Some water carriers can hold up to ten litres which is great if you can carry it.

Others hold up to four litres and can be completely flattened when empty which is great for packing.


A torch is always a must-have when making midnight trips to the toilet, but a lantern is better for lighting up your tent.

Fairy lights are a more subtle option if you want a gentle glow that looks pretty.

You can either go for battery-powered, solar-powered and wind-up.

Olof Karp, PriceSpy UK managing director, said there has been a shift in what people are purchasing.

He said: “As the weather improves, UK consumers are looking to make as much sunshine as they possibly can.

“While overall sales of many products remain suppressed compared to last year, there has been an obvious shift in the last two weeks.

“It seems likely this is coupled with recent government updates on lockdown measures and temperatures staying consistently high.

“With the shops and pubs shut, the parks, gardens and beaches are full with Brits seeking to stay fit, spend time with family and friends, or even venture into the great outdoors.”

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