Can I still go on holiday in local lockdown?

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Families with holidays booked in the UK have been warned to check before travelling due to a number of new rules coming into place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Just last week the North East was given strict new rules, with households banned from mixing, restaurants and cafes limited to table service only and 10pm curfews imposed on a number of establishments.

Can I still go on holiday in local lockdown?

Whether you can still go on holiday in local lockdown depends entirely on where you are and the rules in place.

Under current Government restrictions, if an area goes into lockdown, hotels are expected to remain open but may not offer the full menu of food and drinks at bars and restaurants.

According to the Government website: “Hospitality venues must only sell food and drink for consumption on the premises if it is served to customers sitting at a table.

“They may also sell food and drink for consumption off the premises.”

However, establishments will need to follow the curfew, which is in place from 10pm until 5am but excludes takeaway services ordered by phone or online.

Trips booked for self catering accommodation, such as AirBnBs, camper vans and holiday parks, can still go head as long they follow the ‘rule of six’.

However, as it stands, some areas of the UK have taken a much more stringent approach in their rules,

Four counties in South Wales, including Merthyr Tydfil, Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend and Newport all have a ban on people leaving or entering the areas without good reason.

Exemptions for coming into or leaving the counties include for work purposes or to give care to a loved one.

People living in the affected Welsh counties are also not allowed to meet with people from extended households or mix with others in their own home, and overnight stays are banned.

So, if you’re going to visit family or friends, you are advised to check restrictions for your destination before setting off.

The new measures in Wales will see more than 850,000 people affected by local lockdowns in the country.

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Welsh citizens residing in areas affected by the new measures are not allowed to go on holiday.

Wales’ Health Minister Vaughan Gething said if residents have booked holidays already they should speak to their providers explain it would be a breach of law for them to go, and ask for a refund.

Officials will be in touch with package holiday providers and insurers to “explain to them the seriousness of the position and the risk to them and their business if people were nevertheless to go on holiday”.

Mr Gething did, however, reassure citizens that a second national lockdown is not on the cards right now.

The Health Minister said: “I don’t think that [national lockdown] is imminent, but it’s always possible.

“We have to make choices each and every day about whether local restrictions are required.

“If we get to the point where we have a significant group of local restrictions, we need to think about whether a regional approach is needed or whether actually we need to take a national approach.”

Mr Gething criticised a lack of communication between the UK and Welsh Governments after Matt Hancock announced people there could be fined up to £10,000 if they fail to self isolate.

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