Cruise secrets: Ex crew members reveal the one food item you should never eat onboard

Cruise ship holidays are great for travellers who want to explore different destinations and holiday spots around the world on one journey. The cruise ship experience is like a floating hotel which includes cinemas, shows, buffets and a whole host of restaurants and entertainment. The beauty of a cruise is that you can enjoy days out in different destinations and still enjoy a good night’s sleep in your own bed.


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But sometimes cruises are not as luxurious as they seem, according to former staff.

In fact, often things do go wrong on cruise ships filled with thousands of people.

Former cruise ship workers revealed the one food item you should never eat onboard a cruise ship.

Social media and forum site, Reddit, saw one user post a question to former cruise ship workers.

The question was: “What are things that happen aboard the ship that the guests don’t know about?”

The post was inundated with responses from former cruise ship workers who revealed everything from crew shenanigans to fires in rooms.

But some former cruise ship workers revealed the one food item that customers should not eat onboard a ship.

One user said: “I’d advise not eating the sushi.”

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Another agreed and explained why sushi is something to avoid on a cruise ship.

They said: “My ship was in the Pacific and we got sushi flown in from Japan.

“I would go for sushi once a week or so while I was on there.

“But there was one day where we came into port and the cargo crane door broke down and I was inside working on it first thing in the morning.

“About 1pm rolled around and we finally found the problem (shorted solenoid from condensation), got a replacement from a different system, and then cut out the mounting plate to fit the solenoid.

“We finally lowered the door and the food prep people went running outside, put the sushi pallet on a fork lift, and ran back in ASAP.

“Kinda lost the appetite for sushi after seeing that.

“Our ship was in a tropical environment and it was outside for hours.

“Maybe a one in a million story but it made me cringe when I realised what they were rolling by me.”

However, another former cruise worker disagreed, saying that they ate sushi regularly.

They said: “I worked on ships for three years and ate a lot of the sushi.

“It was good sushi, and I was fine.”

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