Expats in Paris have more than pollution to contend with – ‘crowded and dangerous’

EU slammed for 'illegal and unfair' treatment of British expats

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British expats all over Europe may enjoy their new lives, but if they live in the cities, they may have to contend with pollution. A study found visiting Paris for a long weekend was the equivalent of smoking two cigarettes.

Parisians inhale the equivalent of 183 cigarettes a year, or nine packs.

“When air pollution is bad, we are told to avoid eating or exercising outside,” Transport & Environment’s Jens Müller said.

“But walking around cities and eating on restaurant terraces is what city breaks are all about.

“Right now, tourists, including kids, are more or less forced to smoke, in terms of the health impacts.”

While the air pollution in Paris was shocking, it was still better than London.

A tourist in London inhales the equivalent of 2.75 cigarettes over four days.

Air pollution is a problem all over the world, and Europe is no different.

The worst air pollution was found in Istanbul and Prague.

In both cities, a four-day weekend was the equivalent of four cigarettes.

The best places for holidaymakers and expats’ lungs were Barcelona and Dublin.

Air quality was good enough to only be the equivalent of one cigarette over a long weekend.

Expats who want to move to France should be aware of Paris’ pollution problems.

In October last year, air quality was classified as “bad” for most of Paris and the city had to take action.

Working from home, taking public transport and reducing driving speed were all encouraged.

Residential parking was made free in an attempt to stop people driving.

Best French cities to move to have been named – not Paris or Nice

Paris has found its way to the bottom of best places to live for a number of years and while it is a beautiful city, it’s not the best for expats.

Expat Gabriella told an expat blog: “The word expat doesn’t exist for them [the French], but rather immigrants, to make a considerable distinction and create a gap between you and them.”

She also said: “Before relocating to Paris, I lived in Miami and London, so this wasn’t my first time as an expat, but I have to admit my shock was more related to seeing how dirty the city is.”

She continued: “I was shocked when I was in the metro, and everyone smelled like yesterday’s clothes at 8am.

“Besides what I mentioned above, the city is also crowded and dangerous.

“What bothers me personally is the constant attacks on the city, which created a constant fear of walking around.

“It’s a bit sad and depressing and seeing the policemen with big guns, this feeling doesn’t really go away, but instead becomes even stronger.”

The expat was not a fan of the French capital and said: “I moved out of the country as soon as I finished my studies.”

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