Flight attendant on pros and cons of job – plus why free trips can be ‘annoying’

A flight attendant has shared downsides of working 35,000ft in the air.

Amanda Lynx, who worked for JetBlue airlines, spoke candidly about what being a cabin crew member is really like.

Despite getting free flights to countries all over the world, she explained that the role also comes with some disadvantages.

The air hostess revealed all on TikTok, where she shared a clip with her 56,000 followers.

She says: "I'm gonna start with starting pay, that could be different to everybody depending on their finances and responsibilities.

"I personally do not have problem with my starting pay but that could be a con for some people."

Most flight attendants don't work on specific shifts – and they have to rotate their schedules monthly.

"There is nothing fun for being called at 2am or 3am, saying 'hey, come to work'," she says of the irregular work schedule.

"Missing holidays and special events kind of sucks –being away from home, especially if you're not used being away from home, for days or even weeks sometimes."

Amanda admitted that the biggest perk of the job is being able to fly for free, but it can be "annoying" when trying to book for a free flight.

The trips can only be claimed if there are spots left on the plane – so they can be cancelled at the last minute.

She explains: "Flying standby, even though we fly for free, we have to fly standby, which means if there is a seat available, we can get it.

"We do have a system to see if we would get on the flight but definitely, it is annoying."

As well as this, Amanda joked about the lack of rest she gets when globe-trotting.

She said: "Sleep schedule? What is that? Who is she?"

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She also hints that working with the same people could be bad, especially if they are not good colleagues.

A viewer wondered if she could pay for flight tickets to avoid the long standby time.

Amanda replied: "you can pay if you want but who wants to do that."

Others feared they could not handle the job without a steady sleep schedule.

One wrote: "I have kids, I need my sleep!"

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