Flight attendant says there are rare occasions where she gives free upgrades

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    A flight attendant has claimed that trying to get an upgrade to business class won’t work on most flight attendants – unless you’re a colleague.

    Donata Valantinaite, from Lithuania, has been working at 35,000ft for the last five years and knows a thing or two about the airline industry.

    She’s previously revealed that she lets passengers get away with joining the Mile High Club, unless they’re disturbing other flyers or making noise.

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    Now the beauty, who has 9,166 followers on Instagram, @travelblogdona, has revealed the secrets to getting a flight upgrade – and it turns out you may not bag one when you're already on the flight.

    The air hostess admitted she likes it when customers give her tips, chocolates or gift cards – and says she’ll pay extra attention to you for doing so – but it won't necessarily get you an upgrade.

    Donata told the Daily Star: “Passengers are paying money for those seats and it would be unfair and not professional to make any exemptions.

    “Of course if it’s our colleagues flying with us, we treat each other as a family and the company treats their employees as well.

    “So we are always doing our best if our colleagues are flying with us.

    “But if you are a passenger – you should upgrade yourself in check in , if you wish to be upgraded.”

    So it seems if you’re on a flight crew or work for the same airline you’re the exception to the rule and will likely get bumped up a class.

    Still, Donata says she’s always happy to help out passengers and make them smile.

    She explained: “I love to be able to give my full attention to a person. I like passengers who are polite and smiling, happy people bring joy on the flights.”

    Then of course there are plenty of perks to life as cabin crew – although she noted the training and education can be tricky with weeks of study and exams.

    "My favourite part of this job is to be able to travel around the world and be paid for it. It’s like a dream," she told the Daily Star.


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