Flight attendant shares her safety checklist as she checks into hotel

A flight attendant has talked people through her safety checklist when she checks into a hotel for a layover – even looking under the bed for a "dead body".

In the clip, user @dandelion_wind narrates her routine as she looks around her room and says: "This is what I do when I get to a layover.

"Keep the door open in case there is a scary man that comes running from behind those curtains."

She then checks behind the curtains multiple times and moves over to the bed.

"Look under the bead, no dead bodies, we look for bedbugs, no bedbugs," she comments.

The flight attendant then throws the "nasty" cushion off the bed because "they don't wash it".

She then looks in the wardrobe and behind the door in the bathroom for intruders and, satisfied, finally locks the door.

In the caption, she wrote: "Safety checks are a must when getting to a layover."

The video was watched more than 2.9 million times since it was uploaded on the app and people were divided on whether the checks were important or "too much".

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"That my protocol always," agreed one viewer.

Someone else admitted: "The first thing I do is take the free stuff out of the bathroom then look in the Bible to see if there any money in it."

"Wow it's not normal to check that much," said a third viewer.

Another person commented: "You wanna be looking for cameras not scary men."

Someone else wrote: "I worked in a hotel for six long months they did not wash the decorative pillowcases unless they had to."

This comes after a flight attendant explained why it is so important to have your tray tables up during takeoff and landing and not doing so could put people at risk.

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