Flight attendant spills secret plane ‘toilet hack’ and other tips for traveling

An air hostess has shared her tips on how to enjoy flying with a video of handy tips and tricks.

In a clip uploaded on her TikTok channel on Wednesday, May 26, flight attendant Kat Kamalani told her followers the things that she found helped her have a comfortable flight.

She says: "If you have ever traveled on an airplane, you need these hacks!"

Kat then demonstrates how to lift up a stubborn armrest using a hidden button so people can get out

"Press it, move it up, and swoop your legs over," she says.

Kat adds: "If you are traveling with kids, or your airplane doesn't have a monitor system, I always bring a command hook and then stick it to the back and you can hang your iPad and watch your own shows."

Showing a picture of a tiny plane toilet, Kat says: "And I'm just going to be real with you guys, I hate airplane toilet paper.

"They use the cheapest kind and it disintegrates within two seconds.

"So I always use the tissues because the tissues are always softer and way better quality, so use the tissues."

The video has been watched more than 70,000 times and received 17,000 "likes" and many people were grateful for the tips, but others didn't agree.

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One person commented: "The toilet paper is like that for a reason. Do not stuff up the line with tissues!"

"You shouldn't be putting those tissues in the bathroom they can easily get stuck," said another viewer.

A fan asked: "Do you have any tips for flying alone for the first time? I'm super nervous to be by myself."

"Thanks I'm flying in two days," commented someone else.

Kat Kamalani also shares her adventures on her Instagram page and YouTube channel and previously revealed there is a "secret door" cabin crew use to skip security.

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