Flight secrets: Surprising food and drinks you should avoid on a plane

Plane journeys are a time where fliers can relax and enjoy some down time before reaching their destination. Airlines also offer an in-flight service of food and drink, sometimes complimentary for passengers to enjoy. However certain food groups including dairy and fruits should be avoided while in the sky.

This is because it can sometimes be stored at the wrong temperature in transit as well as onboard a plane so can cause bad reactions to the stomach.

Fruit is also said to be cut hours before the flight is due to depart which means it is added with preservatives to help it stay fresh.

Science has also shown that eating a lot of fat and sugar in the air can leave people feeling bad.

Instead, it is advised to stay hydrated on a flight and eat after you land at your destination.

This can be quite hard if your flight is long-haul but this saves you becoming sick on a plane.

However make sure you avoid fizzy drinks too.

The fizzy drinks also become extra bubbly which makes it super hard to pour.

According to a blog post on These Golden Wings, Diet Coke takes longer to pour than any other soft drink or beverage while in the air.

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This is because at the high altitude, it becomes extra bubbly because the CO2 is able to release more easily in the lower air pressure of the cabin.

Instead, opt for water but make sure it is bottled and do not consume any tap water at all.

This includes any coffee or tea too which may use tap water.

This also includes any ice which may be added to drinks like alcohol onboard.

Even when the water is boiled, it is still advised to stay away from these drinks as it still can contain traces of bacteria.

This is because recent testing found tap water on airplanes to be very unhygienic and found bacteria in the water tanks.

Water tanks on planes are not cleaned very often and airlines have never published how often they clean their tanks.

However, Delta has said that they disinfect their tank system on every plane four times a year which some have said isn’t enough when there are thousands of passengers using the plane everyday.

High-altitude also slows your digestive system down which can cause you to feel sick and feeling unwell on a flight.

A professor of food safety, Aurora Saulo says that you should avoid your favourite meat sandwiches when flying because they don’t go through a reheating process to kill any bacteria that has built up.

Foods like sliced chicken and turkey pose a high risk of listeria contamination and can make you very sick.

Therefore it is advised to wait until you reach your destination to consume any food in order to stay fit and well. 

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