Flights: Cabin crew member reveals the simple way to enjoy ‘secret perks’ onboard

Though snacks, meals and drinks are a common occurrence onboard flights, increasingly not all airlines include them as part of the ticket price. In fact, a large part of the service offering depends on which airline travellers fly with, as well as the duration and destination they are jetting off to.

However, it turns out there are some free perks all passengers could enjoy if they follow one simple piece of advice.

The revelation came from a cabin crew member who was sharing “secret perks” in a Reddit forum.

“I always treated friendly people better, including free booze and snacks,” wrote the crew member.

The concept of being friendly to crew members might seem like second nature to some, but it is a simple move that can make a world of difference for airline workers.

Flight attendant Shrey Para noted this in advice sharing forum Quora.

“On some of our aircraft we have 396 passengers in economy class and if I greet half of them and even a few smile back then it means to us that we are going to have a smooth and happy flight today since the passengers look happy,” she said.

While it may not always mean a free glass of fizz, for many passengers who tested the theory themselves, it seemed to reap rewards.

Also commenting in the Reddit forum, one passenger recounted his own experience.

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“If you strike up a conversation with one of them before you take off, they’ll treat you way better than usual,” he agreed.

“The last flight I was on, my wife and I got free champagne and chocolate mousse while everyone else around us glared at us, just because I got talking to one of the flight attendants while we were waiting to get to our seat.”

However, being polite to the cabin crew shouldn’t just be with the aim of getting freebies.

“Sometimes they’ll just thank you, and sometimes they’ll ask where you’re sitting – if they do, just let them know your seat number and you usually you’ll get better service,” explained a second anonymous crew member.

“The key here is to do it without expectation of anything in return,” they added.

“You actually need to give them it because their job is tough and they have to deal with a lot of whiny people all day, not because you think it’ll get you something.”

Passengers who are hoping for something to nibble on or a mid-flight tipple should be aware of the offering with their chosen airline.

Though inflight drinks and meals are slightly different at the moment due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, each airline species whether it takes payments for meals, or whether a full food and drink service is part of the package.

British Airways, for example, is providing a complimentary meal service onboard its flights, though these are prepackaged for the time being to ensure maximum hygiene.

The airline explains: “Our pre-pay and pre-order services are temporarily suspended.”

Alcohol, as well as a pre-packaged meal, is available in short-haul business, as well as for passengers on all long-haul flights.

Short-haul economy passengers can enjoy complimentary refreshments, including vegetarian options, along with a bottle of water.

Contrastingly, Ryanair is offering hot meals and a selection of snacks and beverages for pre-order, though these are at an additional cost.

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