Flights: Passenger shock when they spot ‘unnatural’ traveller tucked away on plane

Air travel often means flying in a cabin filled with strangers. However, while you may expect humans of all different ages, you might not anticipate anything of the farmyard variety.


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Travellers on one flight were left in amazement when they spotted an unexpected animal tucked away in an economy cabin.

The moment was so surprising, one passenger snapped a photo of the passenger and posted it to Instagram account @PassengerShaming.

While dogs and cats have become frequent additions to many journeys allowing service animals onboard, pigs are a new novelty.

Yet, low and behold seated in what appears to be a child’s stroller is exactly that – a pig.

Some passengers were left disgusted at the fact it was being wheeled onboard a plane, claiming the move to be cruel.

One traveller wrote: “Poor pig. He’s dreaming with a real and happiness pig’s life far away from that place. Unnatural. Disrespectful. Let animals be animals.”

Another raged: “This s**t should not be permitted.

“Big difference between a service animal (usually a dog) and an emotional support animal for snowflakes.”

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However, others saw the bright side of it.

One Instagram user even went as far as to say: “I’d much prefer a pig on a plane than most children.”

Another added: “Rather the pig than some people.”

“I would want to be on this flight,” claimed a third.

There were also those who found humour in the pig’s presence, taking the opportunity to crack a joke.


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“I knew it: pigs can fly,” said one joker.

Another said: “Not every animal is for support or therapy. Sometimes, animals have to get from point A-B as well.

“Maybe she is on her way to a sanctuary, or on her way to a new forever family. This pig is contained. Looks A-Ok to me!”

Of course, the most likely explanation is that this pig was, in fact, a service animal – the reason it is in a pushchair, however, remains unknown.

In the UK airlines tend only to allow passengers to bring guide dogs into the cabin.

Meanwhile, others will carry dogs, cats and ferrets in the hold for a fee.

However, in recent years many US travellers hoping to jet off with service animals were free to bring all manner of creatures.

Alas, as of January 2020 a new restriction could be set to change things.

US airlines may soon be able to ban all animals from aircraft cabins in what could be a blow for pet owners.

The proposed rule comes as the US Department of Transportation (DOT) clamps down on fake emotional support animals.

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